[clug] MtM - content update

Paul Wayper paul.wayper at anu.edu.au
Mon Mar 12 23:46:53 GMT 2007

Chris Smart wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have been working on some content changes for make the move website
> and I'm looking for anyone willing to give it a read over?
> It is at:
> http://demo.makethemove.net
Looks fine to me, Chris.  I like the pages for each distro, although I'd
rank them in order of 'easiest to use' to 'most computer savvy'.  The
purist way would be to have a piece of PHP code that randomises the
order of display of each distro, so that no one distro is favoured.  But
in reality I don't think it would matter that much if you just put
Ubuntu first (as the most prominent new Linux distro), for example.

> The biggest overhaul was of "getstarted.php" and "linux.php", but there
> were some other changes too, including individual pages for recommended
> distros with general, download and support information, etc.
> I still have to fix damn IE6 compatibility, add images among the text to
> break it up, and possibly re-write the entire site.
Ah, yes, IE6 compatibility.  I'm working on a Zope site that requires
Firefox compatibility.  All the IE people will see an ugly site and a
message saying "You're missing out on the advanced features provided by
Firefox.  Download some today." :-)

BTW, have you seen http://www.osvids.com?  It needs a catalogue and some
organisation like I need a coffee right now, but it's still good content



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