[clug] Recommendations for webcam setup.

Randall Crook rcrook at vtown.com.au
Mon Mar 12 10:28:05 GMT 2007


I have a logitech Quickcam experess. It works better on linux via 
kopete (Yahoo protocol) than it does on windows. But that is in image
quality only... Quite franky even under windows the only package I have
seen that streams fast enough for sign that I have used is skype.
Unfortunately skype for linux doesnt support the webcam yet.

Maybe someone else on the list may have used something else that
has a decent streaming rate, but as of now, I have not seen anything
that would be usefull for something like sign.



Randall Crook.

On Mon, 2007-03-12 at 13:42 +1100, Arafangion wrote:
> Crossposting from the PCUG mailing list:
> I would like to purchase a webcam and a new router, so that I can do
> webcam conversations with some of my friends.
> The reasons are:
> 1) My router is crap :)  Hence replacement.
> 2) I'm learning Auslan, and would like to have Auslan conversations with
> some friends.  Auslan is a visual-only language, the preferred Sign
> language of the Deaf community, hence the webcam :)
> I have noticed that receiving a webcam video feed from a friend using
> aMSN is slow, even with my (current, crappy) router correctly setup so I
> am asking here for:
> "What's the best setup for a live video chat session with other users?".
> These other users are unlikely to use Linux, so I am after advise about:
> 1) What's a good webcam.  I'm thinking of going to the store and asking
> for "A good logitech webcam less than $100", and hoping that it works in
> Linux, with the assumption that Logitech cameras are generally quite
> well supported on Linux.
> 2) What's a good program to use for the video chat - and why. :)
> I'm ok with having a lagged video stream, but I do not want a jerky
> video stream.
> Thanks. :)

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