[clug] Origin of Tux

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Mon Mar 12 04:19:03 GMT 2007


You fail to mention that on Linus's next trip to Oz, you took him horse
riding and, again, had him injured by Australian wildlife...

Thanks heaps for your talk at PSIG last week.

Bob Edwards.

tridge at samba.org wrote:
> Duncan,
>  > Tux is actually a fairy penguin. This is a much smaller bird than the Emperor
>  > penguin that zoos like to show off - it's found on parts of the southern coast
>  > of Australia. There's a breeding colony on Philip Island (in Westernport Bay,
>  > 90Km or so SE of Melbourne) where you can see them come in off the sea every
>  > evening. I lived in Canberra in the mid 90s when Linus paid a visit there, and
>  > some of the guys from CLUG (Canberra Linux Users Group) took him down to Philip
>  > Island. I didn't go, but heard shortly afterwards about some kind of biting
>  > incident, so suspect those stories have an element of truth in them.
> The "biting incident" was at the National zoo and aquarium in
> Canberra. I used to have some photos of that trip to the zoo, but lost
> them in a house move (they are probably in some box in my loft).
> Linus already liked penguins before his visit to Canberra, so it is a
> bit hard to say whether the visit to the zoo here was really the
> deciding factor in choosing a mascot, but it makes a nice story :-)
> For me the really memorable thing about that visit was a lot of
> CLUGers playing Linus in network doom. Doom for Linux got released the
> day Linus arrived in Canberra, and my network got a really good
> workout at a BBQ that week.
> Cheers, Tridge

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