[clug] Origin of Tux

Duncan Roe duncan_roe at acslink.net.au
Mon Mar 12 03:39:47 GMT 2007


Can anyone comment on the accuracy or otherwise of the post below?

Was anyone reading this actually there?


Tux is actually a fairy penguin. This is a much smaller bird than the Emperor
penguin that zoos like to show off - it's found on parts of the southern coast
of Australia. There's a breeding colony on Philip Island (in Westernport Bay,
90Km or so SE of Melbourne) where you can see them come in off the sea every
evening. I lived in Canberra in the mid 90s when Linus paid a visit there, and
some of the guys from CLUG (Canberra Linux Users Group) took him down to Philip
Island. I didn't go, but heard shortly afterwards about some kind of biting
incident, so suspect those stories have an element of truth in them.


I posted this as a comment on Experts Exchange, but I'd be delighted to hear
corrections or elaborations. See

If you were there, you might like to look at
http://www.wired.com/news/culture/0,1284,42209,00.html and maybe send them an
email to set the record straight.

Cheers ... Duncan.

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