[clug] Recommendations for webcam setup.

Arafangion arafangion at fussycoder.id.au
Mon Mar 12 02:42:10 GMT 2007

Crossposting from the PCUG mailing list:

I would like to purchase a webcam and a new router, so that I can do
webcam conversations with some of my friends.

The reasons are:
1) My router is crap :)  Hence replacement.
2) I'm learning Auslan, and would like to have Auslan conversations with
some friends.  Auslan is a visual-only language, the preferred Sign
language of the Deaf community, hence the webcam :)

I have noticed that receiving a webcam video feed from a friend using
aMSN is slow, even with my (current, crappy) router correctly setup so I
am asking here for:

"What's the best setup for a live video chat session with other users?".
These other users are unlikely to use Linux, so I am after advise about:

1) What's a good webcam.  I'm thinking of going to the store and asking
for "A good logitech webcam less than $100", and hoping that it works in
Linux, with the assumption that Logitech cameras are generally quite
well supported on Linux.
2) What's a good program to use for the video chat - and why. :)

I'm ok with having a lagged video stream, but I do not want a jerky
video stream.

Thanks. :)

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