[clug] K9copy

David Tulloh david at tulloh.id.au
Fri Mar 9 01:16:37 GMT 2007

Please keep replying to the list, it allows someone more knowledgeable 
to chime in when I talk crap.  That's particularly useful for 
conversations like this where someone out there probably has some first 
hand experience.

I don't use ubuntu but I did find this in their wiki.  It should be able 
to get you moving in the right direction.

Barry Campbell wrote:
> Thank you. I am using  KUBUNTU but have not been able to find a 
> package for this apz. only a zipped file which I downloaded and 
> unzipped to my desktop folder.
> Regards Barry
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>> Barry Campbell wrote:
>>> Hi there
>>> I have downloaded and unzipped the K9copy program to my Desktop 
>>> folder but have not been able to install it. Can anyone help with 
>>> install instructions?
>>> Regards Barry
>> I would very strongly recommend that you use your distributions 
>> package management system to install this program.  Once you start 
>> going off and installing things by hand things will start to rapidly 
>> get messier and messier resulting in a complete reinstall (the fate 
>> of my first two linux systems, until I learnt the hard way).
>> If you can tell us what distribution you are using (Redhat, Debian 
>> etc) someone can probably give you more specific advice about how to 
>> get the distribution to do the install for you.
>> David

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