[clug] Photo viewers?

Rainer Klein rklein at tpg.com.au
Mon Jun 18 03:46:23 GMT 2007


How about eMoviX?


Its only 8 MB and uses MPlayer. One can use mencoder to create a slideshow 
movie out of a list of jpeg files. 

The latest K3B comes with eMoviX included. This allows the creation of a 
self-bootable CD/DVD with multimedia contents ready to play.


On Monday 18 June 2007 10:01, Robert Edwards wrote:
> I have been playing with setting up an old(er) EPIA mini-ITX box I had
> lying around as a photo frame slide-show viewer thingy using an old 14"
> LCD flat panel I also had lying around. Boots diskless and then is
> (supposed to) show photos from an NFS-mount of my home server with
> various randomnesses (random fade effects, random photo order etc.).
> I have tried xslideshow, but it segfaults with -animate random,
> otherwise works fine.
> I am currently using the KDE kslideshow screensaver, which is not too
> bad, but doesn't dynamically check the photo directory as it is running,
> only when it starts, so adding/subtracting photos to the photo directory
> on the server doesn't take effect until it stops and then starts again.
> Also, can't get the cursor to reliably "blank" when the screensaver is
> running.
> Anyone had any better experiences with other slideshow apps/got any
> other recommendations? It is important that the thing starts from power
> on with no user intervention (no keyboard and/or mouse clicks etc.).
> I am using a base Ubuntu Feisty (from debootstrap - very minimal) with
> KDE installed (not Kubuntu, as that brings in heaps of packages I don't
> want) and a locally configured/compiled kernel (for network booting).
> Cheers,
> Bob Edwards.

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