[clug] kopete/MSN

Tim tim at murphy.org
Thu Jun 14 03:37:08 GMT 2007

I've been using kopete to talk on MSN for about 12 months now and have 
never had any issues.  I didn't have to set up anything though - simply 
enterred my email address and password and everything worked as the 
microsoft client does.

I'm running Kubuntu 7.


Brian wrote:
> Hi,
> I have just spent a few hours compiling kopete to work with my UVC V4L2
> camera(took me two goes).
> Local test worked fine, went to logon to MSN to enable me to talk
> interstate and found I had to sign in.
> Then I had to allow cookies, only just did that.
> Then I had to agree to Microsoft's terms.
> Well I decided to read them(big mistake) and found
> "4. How You May Not Use the Service.
> use any unauthorized third party software or service to access the
> Microsoft instant messaging network (currently known as the .NET
> Messenger service);"
> Naturally kopete was not listed:)
> I currently have ekiga working fine and I have got my brother interstate
> to load it up on his windows box. So will try that next.
> Unfortunately I still may need to use MSN for other people.
> 1) Has anybody used kopete to access MSN.
> 2) what do other people use to talk/video MSN type people?
> 3)kopete has a few other chat  type protocols but not sure if any of
> them do video, and will talk to windoze boxes.
> Thanks,
> Brian

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