[clug] [OT] Wanted - cheapish (broken) laptop

Alastair D'Silva alastair at newmillennium.net.au
Thu Jun 14 02:58:21 GMT 2007

Hi guys,

The laptop in my car died (I think a power surge killed it - I lost a 
couple of lamps at the same time too), and I need a replacement.

Does anybody have a moderately powerful (P3 800MHz upwards) laptop they 
want to get rid of? I would prefer to recycle one that has little other 
use (eg, broken screen, keyboard etc), as long as it boots.

Alastair D'Silva             mob: 0423 762 819
Networking Consultant        fax: 0413 181 661
New Millennium Networking    web: http://www.newmillennium.net.au

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