[clug] small form factor PC

ben.ellis at familycourt.gov.au ben.ellis at familycourt.gov.au
Tue Jun 12 19:40:43 GMT 2007

I've found these http://digitalnow.com.au/product_pages/tinyusb2.html to be
excellent with Linux (including the remote to a degree).

The install process was simple
1. download the firmware from
http://www.linuxtv.org/downloads/firmware/dvb-usb-vp7045-01.fw and put it
in the right spot (/lib/firmware on OpenSUSE 10.2)
2. connect the device(s)

MythTV found them when I ran the install and haven't had any issues with it
running under Linux.  I have noticed however, that ocassionally under
windows, it has to re-install the device and you get about 8 devices to

I've used two concurrently (in SD) and they work well.

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