[clug] Google recruitment

Craig Small csmall at enc.com.au
Tue Jul 31 23:04:12 GMT 2007

On Tue, Jul 31, 2007 at 02:13:32PM +1000, Steve Jenkin wrote:
> I went most of the way through their recruiting process and found it had
> serious problems - like 4 or 5 recruiters who'd never talked.
It must be universal, I have heard similiar complaints from people in
the US about their process.  Even people that got a job there gave some
muted comments about how bad it was, so its not just sour grapes.

I wonder if it is some demented HR person that has created this process
and it is done for a reason.  In other words it is deliberately this way
on purpose.  It sounds too much like Catbert to me.

I didn't get my "work for Google" email off this list, it was a few
months ago form somewhere else.  It was for in Sydney; "I just left
there" and that was it.

 - Craig

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