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On 2007/Jul/31, at 1:08 PM, Sam Couter wrote:

> Kim Holburn <kim at holburn.net> wrote:
>> I got a Tomtom One recently and it is a pretty useful gadget.
> I want a Tomtom Rider, except for the next few things you've  
> mentioned.
>> the software that comes with it
>> to communicate with your PC is pretty dreadful.
> To be expected. They sell hardware, not software. I wish hardware
> vendors would get a clue and offload the software development to those
> of us who would do it for free. I would guess they have a commercial
> arrangement with the providers of the map data that requires them  
> to make
> it hard for us.
>> [ ... ] written for windows
> That's a killer from my point of view.
>> I don't understand how they could mix GPL, LGPL and proprietary  
>> software
>> essentially on one embedded device.
> Easily. Provide source for all the GPL bits and the LGPL bits you've
> modified. That's all the license requires.

I'm not sure about that.  Isn't there something about linking GPL and  
non-GPL software together?  Why was there a problem with kororaa with  
having the software on the same CD?

>> I expect this sort of thing would get much more difficult with GPL3.
> Not likely. GPL3 will cover only the GPL3 software, not the other
> software on the device. As long as the device allows you to modify and
> replace the GPL3 software, I think it's probably compliant  
> regardless of
> what other software is on the device.
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