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Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Sun Jul 29 23:43:36 GMT 2007

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Chris Smart wrote:
> These packs would include:
> * An intro sheet or something like: "So, you think the IT industry is
> boring, huh? Think again!"
> * A groovy 'make the move' pamphlet explaining what FOSS is and why it's
> cool
> * A pamphlet about getting a career in open source ICT, who supports
> open source software and what degree / experience / other training to do
> to get there.
> * Ubuntu Feisty 386 live CD and or Fedora 7
> * The Open CD

I'm burning 100 Fedora 7 CDs (in 50 i386, 40 x86_64, 10 ppc) and 100 Open CDs;
I'll pick up another spindle of 100 CDs for the Ubuntu (in the same proportions).

> Also, shipit won't send us the Ubuntu CDs so looks like we'll need to
> burn them ourselves. I'm not sure how/if that's going work. Might need
> to print labels on them at least, so if you have thoughts on that please
> let me know.

I'll look in at the shop on Campus to see if they have CD labels for printers.

> Ideally I'd like 2 people at the stand throughout the event, for which I
> can make up a roster. I guess you would just be talking to people about
> free software and why they should consider it and maybe talk about what
> you do for a living, etc.

I can be on the stand for all of Thursday.

Have fun,

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