[clug] using an ipod under linux...

Nemo wombat at nemo.house.cx
Sun Jul 29 23:16:57 GMT 2007

> Nemo <clug at nemo.house.cx> wrote:
>> * gnupod is commandline and I'm wanting to avoid that at the moment... 
> Soft!
> (Sorry)

LOL. I've been managing my music collection on commandline for too long,
but I'm also wanting smart playlists, etc. No point doing it half-arsed :)

>> * The mp3's are renamed to obfuscated names on the ipod
> Welcome to the world of iPods. They seem to treat the filesystem names
> as a database index. Maybe Apple caught the Microsoft disease and aren't
> capable of separating a file or it's contents from it's name.

It vaguelly annoys me cos the only technical reason I can see for renaming
the files is to ensure filename compatability to the fs on the iPod (which
on the shuffle is fat32 only)

> I'd go with "Don't get an iPod", but I guess that advice is too late for
> someone who already has one.

But at least it was free :)


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