[clug] using an ipod under linux...

Bernard Duggan bernard at guarana.org
Sun Jul 29 07:02:50 GMT 2007

Nathan O'Sullivan wrote:
> I use amarok on my Ubuntu Gnome desktop and am pretty happy with it; to
> me its clearly better than rhythmbox. 
I'll second the vote for Amarok here - been using it for 12 months with 
my iPod and been very happy with it.  Most of my usage is with the ipod 
plugged in and playing files off it through Amarok, so it gets a fair 
> That said, I have a HDD based iPod so I basically never delete from iPod
> so I cant say if its easy or not.
Deleting works fine for me - just select the file(s) and hit "delete" :)



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