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Chris Smart chris at kororaa.org
Sun Jul 29 04:46:14 GMT 2007

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Hi all.

A follow-up from the CLUG meeting this week, I have been asked to
organise a Linux stand for the upcoming Canberra Careers Market and I
need some help.

We haven't been given much time, it is on Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th
August (1.5 weeks) from 9am-3pm, then again from 5pm to 8pm on the Thursday.

The goal of the stand is to provide some information on an ICT career in
open source land and to showcase some cool free software.

At this stage I am hoping to have a cut-out tux at the stand to draw
people who already know about free software and some other posters to
draw others (perhaps something similar to the banner we use for Software
Freedom Day?).

I want the stand to sell itself (so that we're not relying on us talking
to people, as we can only talk to so many) and to help facilitate that
I'm hoping to arrange some packs that people can pick up as they walk on by.

These packs would include:
* An intro sheet or something like: "So, you think the IT industry is
boring, huh? Think again!"
* A groovy 'make the move' pamphlet explaining what FOSS is and why it's
* A pamphlet about getting a career in open source ICT, who supports
open source software and what degree / experience / other training to do
to get there.
* Ubuntu Feisty 386 live CD and or Fedora 7
* The Open CD

I need information to fill these pamphlets, so if you have some thoughts
please let fly.

Also, shipit won't send us the Ubuntu CDs so looks like we'll need to
burn them ourselves. I'm not sure how/if that's going work. Might need
to print labels on them at least, so if you have thoughts on that please
let me know.

Ideally I'd like 2 people at the stand throughout the event, for which I
can make up a roster. I guess you would just be talking to people about
free software and why they should consider it and maybe talk about what
you do for a living, etc.

Please let me know if you are interested so I can get this on the road asap.

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