[clug] [the scam]

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Fri Jul 27 04:47:18 GMT 2007


> This appeared on Slashdot yesterday- the general consensus (for many 
> reasons) was that it was indeed a scam. I'd be *extremely* wary.

Indeed; $150 seems to be just low enough that people might not chase 
after it or give up chasing it.

> P.S. Uhh- hi, list! I guess this is as fine time as any to introduce 
> myself- I'm a recent 'convert' to Linux (Ubuntu, actually) and I thought 
> I'd join this list, lurk for a bit, then jump in when I had some 
> problems. None so far. Ubuntu is awesome!

I'm in Adelaide myself and generally just lurk; I use Solaris Community 
Express (SXCE) at home but Ubuntu GNU/Linux at work.


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