[clug] using an ipod under linux...

Nemo clug at nemo.house.cx
Fri Jul 27 00:59:38 GMT 2007

Hi guys,

I recently found myself the owner of a shiny new ipod shuffle. Does anyone have any experiencing using an ipod under linux and can throw tips and program suggestions? 

What I've found so far:
* gnupod is commandline and I'm wanting to avoid that at the moment... 
* gtkpod interface is clunky, but seems basically functional. The mp3's are renamed to obfuscated names on the ipod (they are visible as mp3's when the ipod is viewed as a thumbdrive)
* rhythmbox keeps filenames sane (I like that), has a decent enough UI, but seems to lose track of my music library by degrees pretty regularly. (this may be an unrelated bug, as I've had a few files corrupted recently!)
* amarok I've not yet looked at, but it has good google review karma. 

Can the list collective consciousness offer any insights or advice?



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