[clug] Free stuff/junk

Grant Morphett grant at gmorph.com
Sun Jul 22 08:12:29 GMT 2007

Free stuff/junk to anyone.  I am in Canberra.

P75 NEC Digital - 48Meg Ram, CDROM,  Floppy, 5Gig HDD, Two NICs.  Works (I
just booted the old 2.2. kernel I had on it).  Firewall is what I used it
for.  I also have a second one but no floppy or CDROM but has 32Meg RAM,
250Meg HDD and 2 NICs as well.

14 or 15" Monitor (not sure) - works but is slightly out of focus

I have every linux journal from issue 17 September 1995 to issue 137
September 2005.

100Mbps PCI Fiber NIC

Costronic ISA trouble shooting card

Smart i-Share56K modem with 4 port hub

Email me back if you are insane and want any of this stuff.  Otherwise I
will dispose of it.



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