[clug] ANZ Bank Winge whine

Owen rcook at pcug.org.au
Sat Jul 21 06:42:27 GMT 2007

I unable to read the security advisories put out by the ANZ bank unless I set the User Agent to IE in my Firefox- Having got a blast from someone on this list for doing that previously (as it only encouraged them into believing it a Microsoft world out there.) I sent off a complaint and got an automated response which included

Please keep in mind that Firefox 2.0 is not a supported browser at this
time. Recommended Browsers and Settings

Internet Explorer6.0 (preferred)
Internet Explorer5.5



How old is Firefox-1.0?

I complained a number of times to my medical benefits about a similar problem which they eventually fixed, but I think the ANZ Bank is a bit too big to care

Anyway, if you are with the ANZ, complain, and complain about automated responses, they might do something.

Now feeling better


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