[clug] Cheap Linux based routers [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Wed Jul 18 04:41:53 GMT 2007

On 18/07/2007, at 11:20 , Rousak, Boris wrote:

> As a by-the-by Has anyone tried to install an MTA (postfix, sendmail,
> whatever) + spmassasin onto such a router after a linux flash?

I've never tried such a thing, mainly due to the restriction of disk  
space. The WRT54G(L) is fine for primary DNS, firewall, NTP, snort,  
and a few other gateway services that just require a processor with  
minimal storage/cache. If you get just one 3MB email, there goes your  
free space.

For mail, squid, file server or other resource-intensive services,  
grab a NSLU-2. You can connect a decent size external drive (such as  
the 8GB thumb drives now available) and do what you want. Or get one  
of the USB-equipped devices from the original post!


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