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Tue Jul 17 23:28:10 GMT 2007

  Router based firewalls fall into 2 groups - the first has a little
more memory and grunt and usually already run linux - these can normally
be reflashed with openwrt for example netgear wgt634u (the ones I use)
or Linksys WRT54G (up to version 3 i think). Check the openwrt
compatibility page.

Once a vendor has good market pentration they tend to lower the amount
of ram and flash and start using vxworks which has a lower footprint
then linux but is generally very inadequate - so you need to pay
attention to the version numbers on the hardware.

I have also used gumstix before which is good but you have to use the
same nic for both sides of the fw - not as ideal. (Because it only has 1

If you want to do ipsec you will need a little bit of grunt (most
routers have a 200mhz-400mhz arm or mips).


On Tue, Jul 17, 2007 at 07:10:54PM -0400, Neill Cox wrote:
> These look interesting, and got me thinking.
> I do IT support for a number of small businesses in the ACT and while it mainly involves dealing with Windows :( I try and get as much Linux/FOSS in as I can.  I'm also very distrustful of the firewalls that come on most ADSL modems/routers.
> My usual approach is to stick a linux box as a firewall between the modem and the rest of the network.  This usually ends up being a full PC.  I keep looking for a cheaper/more power efficient way of doing this, but prices keep driving me back to the PC platform.
> Does anyone on the list have some suggestions?  Requirements:
>  - Two ethernet nics
>  - Linux 2.4/2.6 (2.6 preferred)
>  - Shell access via ethernet (bash for preference)
>  - Iptables
>  - OpenVPN
> Would be nice to have shorewall as well (I can right iptables rules by hand, but I don't enjoy it).
> I'm prepared to be told that I'm doing this all wrong, but I would really prefer a Linux solution over a *BSD solution.  I'm just not familiar enough with *BSD.
> Cheers,
> Neill
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