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Mon Jul 16 09:33:38 GMT 2007

Hi Jason,

  I am using the 3 service now. I chose the usb modem because I wanted
to have it on my laptop and desktop. It looks just like a usb serial
device connected to a physical modem. So you load usb-serial and then
write a wvdial script to do ATDT*99# (Thats basically the number). There
is no authentication at all - the credentials etc are done through a sim
card (same as a phone) which is inserted into the usb modem. You dont
need any special drivers for linux.

This means that anyone that takes your modem can just log in too - look
after it.

When using a windoze machine the modem looks like a usb cdrom with a cd
in it containing the software for windows. The windows software can also
send sms but thats a gimmick really.

You can find more info here:

I find the service quite good - Its not as fast as ADSL i dont think but
its definitely adequate. I dont do any gaming though so not sure about

Coverage is pretty good - im using it in brisbane, gold coast and sydney
and i get HSDPA (The high speed stuff) usually. If you are looking for
coverage you should probably try telstra - but 3 will cover most larger
cities. Checking the coverage map canberra is well covered although I am
yet to try it there. The 3 advantage is that you dont pay for the modem
if you sign a 24 month contract - telstra make you pay about 300 bucks
for the modem. The plans cost the same though.

Wireless internet is truely a life changing technology. Its like wifi
changed the way we use the internet at home (no longer chained to a
desk), wireless changes the way you use the internet - log on to irc
while on the train, in the airport, or just having a coffee. Its what
802.11x hotspot technologies promised but never delivered because
operators failed to make it affordable and have sufficient coverage.
IMHO it will overtake 802.11x within the next 5 years with every new
laptop having it built in. If i can predict the future it will also
overtake mobile phone technology as soon as phones are smart enough to
just use voip on it. Its a more sane pricing model where you pay for
traffic generated rather than time.


On Mon, Jul 16, 2007 at 04:28:11PM +1000, Jason wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I have no use for a home phone except for internet access and I dont have access to adsl2 living in palmerston. Has anyone tried any of the wireless internet providers with their linux machines and how well did it go? I am particulary intrested in three as they have the highest cap I have seen, they have a usb drive modem that has windows/mac support but no mention of the rest of us anywhere on their site.
> Lumping the home phone into the adsl cost makes the wireless options look better priced if not a good price but if anyone has a suggestion of what else my options might be let me know that as well :)
> Jason
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