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  A useful topic for one still struggling with the morality of paying Telecom (Changing the name to Telstra certainly didn't improve their service although the marketing bill did give them an excuse to charge more).

  I used the iBurst service when I lived in Sydney and frequently went back and fourth to Canberra. The quality of the iBurst service is much better than that of the unwired (it struggles at speed although Sydney trains no longer travel fast enough for this to be a problem). I found there are heaps of ISP's but they are a thin vail over the over arching iBurst company. There was one provider called 'ISP' that provided a great plan of 2GB download for $40. The iBurst corporation pulled their license and they disapeard from iBurst but continued ADSL service.

   I looked into it at the time and again recently  and found the price prohibitive for me. Even as a frequent commuter to Sydney, paying for two ADSL services at each end still worked out cheaper if you want to download a few GB per month or more. I think the wireless networks aim at business people with a lot of cash to pay for their service (often passed on to their clients anyway). It is a real shame because for about 6 months it was a great option for me and for the first time in my life I was genuinely Telecom free.


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Hi guys,

I have no use for a home phone except for internet access and I dont have access to adsl2 living in palmerston. Has anyone tried any of the wireless internet providers with their linux machines and how well did it go? I am particulary intrested in three as they have the highest cap I have seen, they have a usb drive modem that has windows/mac support but no mention of the rest of us anywhere on their site.

Lumping the home phone into the adsl cost makes the wireless options look better priced if not a good price but if anyone has a suggestion of what else my options might be let me know that as well :)

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