[clug] Light at the end of the Tax Return tunnel

Mike Carden mike.carden at gmail.com
Sat Jul 14 06:50:35 GMT 2007

Sitting down to do my tax return. Reading through the paper version,
sighing and wishing for an online one that doesn't demand I use
Windows. Idly bring up the Australian Tax Office web site, and on this
page (Titled - Information about other operating systems and


I found this quote:

"We are redeveloping e-tax to make it compatible with any computer
system that has internet access. We will test this with a small group
of users in 2008, aiming to make it available more broadly in future
years – pending the success of the trials."

The page mentions MacOS running Windows in a virtualised environment
as an example of (an)other operating system.

Allah be praised, in just a few years I'll be able to do eTax on a
Linux machine. I guess I'll be running Moldy Mongoose by then.


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