[clug] >2TB file systems...

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 04:49:27 GMT 2007

Hi all,

In the past I have done this under linux using parted and the various
fiddlings that go along with this, however in this case I just took
the easy approach and just used the thing as is without partitioning.


   mkfs.xfs -L raid01 /dev/sda

The unit in question is a 3Ware 9650SE-ML16 with 16 750G Seagates.  It
is split into 2 x 8disk RAID 6 arrays (4.1 TB each)

Have I missed something? Can this break more easily than with
partitioning?  I can still LABEL the partitions and get UUIDs in this

murdoch:~# blkid
/dev/sda: LABEL="raid01" UUID="f755ef1c-6ae6-4a74-a725-c03643dbb0d6" TYPE="xfs"
/dev/sdb: LABEL="backup01" UUID="551e699c-5231-4415-8e3d-9e3da09d0149"
SEC_TYPE="ext2" TYPE="ext3"



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