[clug] Macbook linux

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 01:31:25 GMT 2007

> Anyone out there running linux on the intel based macbooks?

Yes,  (and on a G4)

> which distro?

Ubuntu/Debian Stable

> anything to look for?

On some of the earlier ones, sleep was borked.

> performance?

"Reasonable to fast".

> Im considering buying one, any reasons why i shouldn't?

One button.   Amusingly this is the sole reason as to why I stick with

I refuse to carry a mouse just so that I can drive my notebook.

Also I cant find anywhere on a mac where you can do things like
encrypt hard drive contents with BIOS passwords.  Granted you can add
a firmware password to a MAC (or at least you can on my old G4) but it
still means someone can pinch your disk. Although given that you will
be running linux you can always encrypt it yourself.

I <heart> my X60 for this reason, BIOS level encryption and even with
a fingerprint if you want to get fancy.

Paranoid I am.

> any reason that I _should_ buy one

   * www.ifixit.com
   * you get some glowing fruit
   * OSX is pretty and Xcode is fun.
   * The magnetic powercord thingo really is good.  (I have kids)

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