[clug] DTA sensors

Steve Walsh Steve at nerdvana.org.au
Fri Jul 6 06:49:40 GMT 2007

Zantech in Melbourne have similar units with anywhere up to 20 inputs 
that you can plug varying sensors into. Take a look at


I used on of these recently in a server room with a known bad A/C. When 
airflow failed, it triggered a release on the Rack doors so they opened 
to allow air to flow freely through.

They're pretty cool for that sort of thing, they even make one running 
embedded linux that supports 4 Security cameras.


Andrew Janke wrote:
> Just wondering if anyone has managed to source these things in Oz?
>    http://www.digitemp.com/products.shtml
> I have used them plenty of times before but I have only bought them in
> Canada via US suppliers.
> Either that or I will have to make my own unless anyone can suggest a
> nice cheap alternative.  I just want temperature monitoring of some
> sort, can be IP based.  I usually just put a bunch of these in various
> places about a server room on RJ-45 cable then into the serial port of
> some sacrificial old beige box that I do not care if it dies.
> ta

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