[clug] New opportunity for free software

Hugh Fisher hugh.fisher at anu.edu.au
Fri Jul 6 02:18:28 GMT 2007

(Sprinkle heavily with smilies, OK?)

I watched the second part of the 'Gamer Revolution' on ABC
Thursday evening. It started off with a content classification
I've never seen before, Simulated Sex Scenes, and did indeed
show some of the more adult interactions that take place in
the net.

All of which were using proprietary, commercial, software.
So I tried googling (not from my work computer!) for 'open
source virtual sex' and came up blank.

This is deplorable. The free software/open source community
is supposed to be better at developing software that can be
tailored to individual needs and shared with other people
who have similar interests.

Developers, step forward!


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