[clug] SOCKS5 Fun and Games

Al MailingList alpal.mailinglist at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 09:39:28 GMT 2007

Hello all,

Been lurking for a while, and people seem so helpful I thought I should see
if anyone could help me out :P

What I'm trying to do is basically take a SOCKS5 connection (that has a user
name and password) and re serve it via an HTTP proxy. Something like privoxy
would be perfect only it doesn't seem to support SOCKS5 (only 4/4a).

I've also tried using squid and tsocks which ALMOST works... except for the
name lookup bit - it seems like tsocks doesn't (although it has a
./configure option that implies it does) convert the UDP dns lookups into
TCP lookups. So for example a "host -T www.google.com" works, and then I can
access the webpage using the IP via squid, but "host www.google.com" times
out and therefore so does squid when it uses UDP for its lookups. I know
doing a TCP DNS lookup without a UDP one first is against the RFC but I know
from the above it worked :D I need to do DNS via the SOCKS5 proxy (can't
just do it locally).

Some options I've considered:
- build squid from source using an external DNS lookup tool that I force to
use TCP?
- maybe even writing a script that takes a UDP dns request and turns it into
a TCP one?
- giving up? :P

Any suggestions? Adding SOCKS5 support to Privoxy would be the best I guess
(there is a feature request in already for SOCKS5) but I was hoping for a
quick fix as opposed to a coding project... but maybe that's the best way

Cheers all,

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