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Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Sun Jul 1 12:52:54 GMT 2007

> Well, here's the description from the order:
> Antec Phantom 500W Fanless ATX Power Supply
> It does, in fact, have a fan in it - but I've never heard it spin up (but
> then, would I anyway?).

Ah, with you now.  The std one in the Sonata II has two fans but the
outer one (The one you hear the most) only runs when it has to ==
quiet enough for me.

> > things were really only OK up to about 350W.  And this is somewhat of
> > a problem with a core 2 Quad, a few HDDs and a 7800GT!
> Quite possibly.  OTOH, the Core-2s are supposed to be pretty stingy on the
> power, and the HDDs don't really count.  The /video card/, OTOH :)  I
> recollect putting a power meter on this machine and getting about 120W
> (unloaded).

I am sure you could power a quad system with 350W no problem at all,
but in all the reviews I have read of fanless P/S's they tend to only
survive if not loaded heavily.  I suspect my Quad + 7800 + 3 HDDs
would only pull 250W at MAX but these systems run with constant CPU
usage of 100% given that Sun Grid Engine and a rather loaded batch
queuing system takes care of any "spare" CPU cycles.

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