[clug] Talking FOSS business, then beer

Pia Waugh pia at waughpartners.com.au
Sun Jan 28 23:47:37 GMT 2007

Hi all,

I'll be in Canberra on Wednesday speaking at the FOSSACT meeting about FOSS
marketing, FOSS for Aussie businesses and the relationship between industry
and community. Anyone interested in coming along please rsvp to

Afterwards it'd be great to catch up with you all over beer/coffee. FOSSACT
is a Barton, but I was thinking of heading to the All Bar Nun again in
Macpherson Street, O'Connor (stick to what you know, I say!). If anyone is
interested in catching up, please come along to the All Bar Nun anytime
after 6pm.

Hope to catch a few of you then. Let's see how much all the linux.conf.au
people have recovered ;)

Waugh Partners
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  f. +61 2 9318 2884
  w. http://waughpartners.com.au/
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