[clug] Anyone want to give a talk for this week's CLUG meeting?

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Mon Jan 22 00:31:16 GMT 2007

Steve Walsh wrote:
> Hi,
> Currently there is no talk scheduled for this week's CLUG meeting.
> If you'd like to give a talk at this week's meeting, or a future meeting,
> please drop me a line.
> regards
> Steve

If anyone is interested, Steve Hanley suggested that I could give a talk
about some stuff I have been doing with controlling mains-powered remote
control devices using UHF wireless with some home-brew hardware.

Also, I have put the "hard word" on Rusty to bring his "One Laptop Per
Child" (OLPC) device(s) in to CLUG sometime to do a "show and tell".
Dunno if he is up for it so close to the end of LCA2007.

The IBM LTC boys also have a couple of Sony Playstation 3's running
Linux here in the Canberra office, but they said that this month is a
little busy, so maybe next month.

Let me know if you want me to do my little presentation (includes some
PIC assembly code and a Linux/Posix daemon written in C).


Bob Edwards.

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