[clug] Codec colour mangling (esp. with MythTV)

Tony and Robyn Lewis beakysnugger at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Jan 21 14:59:27 GMT 2007

I've recenting got MythTV working enough to watch TV.  However, running 
the frontend on my laptop has the colours all mangled.  There is a lot 
of brown and blue - it might be some kind of colour inverse, but it.s 
not like black goes to white.

I've noticed it before on normal playback on some video files, and I put 
it down to codec error.  When gxine shows it mangled, VLC usually gets 
it right.  Or vice versa.  But obviously I need to solve the problem to 
get MythTV usable.

I've tried googling, but can't make headway.  Has anyone else 
experienced this?

Backend is a Compaq deskpro with an AverMedia card.  Front end is a Dell 
Inspiron 6400 with a Mobility Radeon x1300, running the proprietary ATi 
drivers, v8.25.18 (as per dapper).  Both are running dapper, though 
MythTV is an unofficial package of 0.20 from SVN 12 9 December 2006.

Any clues?

Tony Lewis

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