[clug] A newbie question about FreeSBIE

Peter Anderson peter.anderson at internode.on.net
Wed Jan 17 09:50:33 GMT 2007


I know this is a *LINUX* User's Group but I have a question about 
FreeSBIE. FreeSBIE is a Live CD release of FreeBSD and I have been 
reading about FreeBSD (and PC-BSD in particular) over the holidays. When 
I saw a release notice about FreeSBIE I thought that it might be worth a 

I downloaded the ISO and burnt the CD; re-booted the PC and FreeSBIE 
went through its boot ritual and finished at what I presume is the 
FreeBSD system prompt. Now as a Windows user who is migrating to Linux; 
I'm not sure what to do at the system prompt - you will all think I'm a 
bit of a wuss, but I need a graphical user interface!

I've 'Googled' the problem but can't find anything of use. Does anyone 
on the list know how to get FreeSBIE past the system prompt and into one 
of the supplied GUIs (Xfce is one I believe)? Any assistance would be 
most appreciated.

Two supplementaries: Is anyone using FreeBSD as a desktop environment? 
And is it worth the effort trying it out?


Peter Anderson

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