[clug] broadcast multicast networking

Hugh Fisher hugh.fisher at anu.edu.au
Thu Jan 11 00:42:38 GMT 2007

Brad Hards wrote:

> You can't get a zeroconf IP address in the multicast range. It is always 
> 169.254.x.y (where x isn't 0 or 255).
> The IETF zeroconf working group did have zeroconf setup for multicast as a 
> work item, but since multicast basically has to be able to handle duplicates 
> anyway, it didn't really have any way forward. There was some work done (to 
> the internet draft level) but the whole working group was so disfunctional 
> that it was a miracle that the ad-hoc address mechanism ever made it to RFC.

My bad. What I meant was the service discovery protocol, which
would let the device(s) ask 'what is the address for FOO?' and
have the broadcast-thingy respond with the actual number.

The O'Reilly book which is my reference lumps a few different
protocols under the name 'ZeroConf' but you're right, I should
have been more specific about what address was being acquired.


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