[clug] Re: A most interesting read, most interesting

Conrad Canterford conrad at mail.watersprite.com.au
Fri Jan 5 21:51:09 GMT 2007

I have (with some effort) refrained from buying into this conversation.
However, a snippet came across groklaw yesterday which I thought might
be helpful to some people. Its a link to a (US) copyright course
released under the Creative Commons licence:


(Sorry for the long link - if it gets butchered, there are no spaces in
it so just join it all up).

I haven't looked at this course, but I have read the course outline. If
you do decide to have a look at it, do remember that this is _US_ law,
not Australian law, but much of the basic principles will be the same
(and it will, in any case, give you some good background).

If you are interested in legal things particularly as they relate to IT
and some of the court cases going on at the moment, Groklaw is possibly
worth a look too.



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