[clug] Re: A most interesting read, most interesting

Hugh Fisher Hugh.Fisher at anu.edu.au
Mon Jan 1 07:11:52 GMT 2007

> Sure, a road is not new, but does it have any less value because the
> idea is not owned? Ofcourse not. The concept of a road is so valuable that
> everybody uses it, and everybody benefits from the fact that nobody
> owns the idea of it.

We still pay people to build roads, because it works better than
expecting the community to build them in their spare time.

> I'm of the opinion that ideas are more valuable when nobody owns them
> because then anybody can use them.

Capitalist societies believe that the originator of an idea should
benefit financially from it, because then they have an incentive
to do all the 'perspiration' as well as 'inspiration.'


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