[clug] playback of SV3V on linux

Neil Pickford neilp at goldweb.com.au
Sun Feb 25 21:46:57 GMT 2007

Although I am not familiar with the S3V3 format, most mpeg derivatives 
have a magic number that tells you what the format is.

Ben wrote:
> I'm trying to access some video streams that are in SV3V format, but
> I'm not getting too far.
> I've googled far and wide and found a few references to others in a
> similar predicament.
> Others have noted that it's possible that S3V3 is the same thing as
> S3QV. This seems to suggest that too:
> http://www.magiclinux.org/people/sunmoon1997/patches/xine-lib/xine-lib-live-rtsp.diff 
> I'm not a coder and I don't know how to get any player to recognise
> S3V3 as S3QV, so if you know how that could be done, that might be a
> good start.
> Thanks,
> Ben

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