[clug] Advertising Linux

Hugh Fisher hugh.fisher at anu.edu.au
Fri Feb 23 03:49:48 GMT 2007

Paul Wayper wrote:

> I still wish for ads that presented Linux not as a nerdy introvert but
> as someone who can talk to both, and yet is far more interesting, open
> and personable than either.  Imagine, on those ads, Linux being someone
> like Mark Shuttleworth, Tridge or (dare I say it) Jeff Waugh.

Who would *still* be unable to play Halo or World of Warcraft :-)

Or, come to think of it, watch the ads on any of those PPC Linux
systems demonstrated at CLUG last night - "Flash for Linux" has
turned out to mean "Flash for x86 Linux - what other CPUs are
there anyway?"

The networking ad could certainly have included the Linux
character demonstrating how he could share porn faster, more
reliably, and without any pesky copy protection :-)


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