[clug] Re: [Linux-aus] MtM - companies using foss?

Brett Worth brettw at cray.com
Thu Feb 22 08:14:54 GMT 2007

Anthony David wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 21, 2007 at 08:19:19PM +1100, Chris Smart wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> Updating some content on makethemove.net and would like to ask if people 
>> can list companies that utilise Linux and or open source. For example, 
>> Google, Ebay, Yahoo, Amazon, etc. Well known companies that people will 
>> recognise, and better still even used. Doesn't have to be limited to 
>> Internet based, though.

Cray XT3 and XT4 computers use Linux extensively on support nodes and
RAS processors and are in the process of moving to a Linux kernel on the
compute nodes.


Brett Worth
Cray Australia

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