[clug] TGA - 2 x 1GB SO-DIMM

Chris Smart chris at kororaa.org
Thu Feb 22 04:14:52 GMT 2007

I have 2 x 1GB Corsair SO-DIMM ram to give away.

They do NOT work in my Macbook, and I tried them in Pascal's Dell 
6200-something-a-rather and they didn't work in that either.

So don't get too excited, they appear to be quite temperamental in 
regards to compatibility.

Last time I gave some bags away people didn't read the specs I posted 
and they didn't fit, so PLEASE if you want this ram then do your 
research and see if it is supposed to work in your laptop. If you think 
it will work, then email me and bring an appropriate screwdriver along 
with your laptop to CLUG, we'll install the modules and test with 
memtest86 to make sure they are happy. If they are, then you can have 
them FOC.

They'll go to the first person who contacts me and that works in their 
laptop, however if we have a few people interested I might split them 
and give one module to each person. If not, then one lucky and 
compatible person can have the 2GB to him/herself.

So, the module name and model number are:
Corsair ValueSelect 1GB DDR2 667 200pin SO-DIMM (PC2-5300 128M x 64)

If there are multiple versions of this ram, these would be the first 


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