[clug] forget RAID?

David Tulloh david at tulloh.id.au
Thu Feb 22 02:37:50 GMT 2007

I feel that the effectiveness of RAID, like most things depends a bit on 
your situation.  There are so many different options in the drive usage 
and layout that you can mix and match to your requirements, you are 
never going to be able to achieve 100% reliability though.  I can't 
really see how it would ever be better to tar and copy to another disk 
compared to RAID, maybe if you wanted to keep multiple backup versions.

Personally I use RAID to ensure that I don't permanently lose data.  
When I get a drive failure I simply shut the whole thing down until I 
get another drive, I don't really mind if it's not accessible for a day 
or two so long as it doesn't all permanently die on me.  I think that 
most companies which are seriously worried use multiple disk suppliers 
(I have two brands in my three disk array) and multiple redundant drives.


Tomasz Ciolek wrote:
> Hi Guys
> Actually I checked up on this when dping some research a few years
> sgo... 
> and I am told by people in EMC, who deal with storage for living, 
> that they deliberately mix batches of disks into a single stock 
> pile before installing disks...
> I epxect most GOOD rais suppliers do that too. 
> In my experience temperature and a dodgy power supply is more likely to be a cause of disk death, than batch issues.
> Cheers
> Tomasz

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