[clug] Drive-By Pharming Attack Could Hit Home Networks

Andrew Boyd facibus at gmail.com
Thu Feb 22 02:39:42 GMT 2007

On 2/22/07, Sunnz <sunnzy at gmail.com> wrote:
> Well Windows Adobe whatever etc. make people type in serial numbers
> for a long long time so it should be no way "customer unfriendly".


this isn't the list to start a UCD101 discussion... but seeing as Paul's
comment was attributed to me... :)

Just because Microsoft and Adobe do it, it doesn't mean necessarily that it
is a Good Thing (and doesn't mean that it isn't, either). There are a lot of
"best practices" that aren't. Personally, I think that authentication by
serial number is so 1989 :) But it is better than vulnerability through
default password. I think that, as a species, we could probably do better.

Cheers, Andrew

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