[clug] forget RAID?

Ben shadroth at gmail.com
Wed Feb 21 02:50:09 GMT 2007

"one array drive failure means a much higher likelihood of another
drive failure."

"Further, these results validate the Google File System's central
redundancy concept: forget RAID, just replicate the data three times.
If I'm an IT architect, the idea that I can spend less money and get
higher reliability from simple cluster storage file replication should
be very attractive."

So (not being overly knowledgeable in this are) what does this mean in
practical terms?

I currently have two servers on site - one backup and one web server.
Both have 2x200GB HDDs in software RAID1.

What sort of system should I setup to apply "cluster storage file
replication" or is RAID1 the most sensible option for my environment?

Is it as simple as making a backup server with 3HDDs, and setting up
some sort of automatic copying between them, rather than using RAID1?
- I'm not sure how this would help the problem noted in the article.
Or would I create two partitions on each drive, and copy hda1 to hdb2,
and hda2 to hdb1, for instance?


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