[clug] Re: Linux Systems Administrator Canberra

Pilcher, Fred Fred.Pilcher at act.gov.au
Wed Feb 14 03:15:30 GMT 2007

Darren said:

> > My bad, you cannot browse directly to the URL since the 
> site requires
> > a cookie that is loaded in the top level page.

If so, my 2c worth:

- I'm looking from work, using IE6 with cookies and everything else turned on,
  and the message is:

  "We have tested your browser and found the setting for cookies has been 
  turned off."

  Clearly the interrogation is faulty.

- any site that requires cookies to be enabled in order for the site to be 
  functional is broken. Cookies may provide some convenience; they should 
  never be a functional prerequisite.

For an organisation like NICTA to be running such a site is sad indeed.

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