[clug] Morex power board for epia M

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Thu Dec 13 03:26:12 GMT 2007

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Nicolas Cherbuin wrote:
> I have had an Epia M mini ITX for a few years, it is housed in a black
> Morex case with an external power supply and an internal power regulator
> board. The internal board seems to have died. I brought it to the tech
> shop at ANU but they told me they could not find a replacement power board.
> Does anyone know where I can find such a board. If someone has an old
> one lying around I am happy to pay for it....

I have one sort of lying around - it's in my old Morex case.  The motherboard
fried itself and it has nothing else to do, now that I'm using one of
Yawarra's WRAP-1 boards for my firewall.  If you want it, come along tonight
:-) or get in touch.

On the equipment note, I've got about five CRTs - all about 17 inch - at work
that are surplus to requirements and for which we would be charged to dump.
Free to a good home, just give me a call during work hours Monday, Wednesday
and Friday on 6125 0643.

Have fun,

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