[clug] Looking to buy a GPS

Kim Holburn kim.holburn at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 12:54:51 GMT 2007

I can only tell you about the one I've been using.  It's a TomTom  
One.  I discovered it runs linux after getting it.  I needed it to  
navigate in a very difficult places.  It has been very reliable and  
easy to use.  We had a discussion about it a short time ago on clug.   
They have the source available and people have written applications  
for it.  It uses proprietary maps and the main navigation application  
is closed source.  Still it's pretty reliable in fairly difficult  
environments.  It is said to run for about 2 hours on it's batteries  
(which are not removeable).  They make a very similar one called a  
TomTom Rider for bikes and motor bikes which allegedly lasts 5  
hours.  The software to update maps runs on Window and Mac and is not  


On 2007/Aug/27, at 5:29 AM, matt at kororaa.org wrote:

> Hey Cluggers,
> I'm interesting in getting a GPS, one that can both be used in Car and
> hand held.
> I know nothing about em, can anyone suggest a model or brand?
> Are there any open GPS's or are they all closed?
> Which ones have good linux support etc.
> The Navman N60i look alright, but I dont much bout em, so to me  
> they all
> look good :P
> Matt
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