[clug] Looking to buy a GPS

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Tue Aug 28 22:38:59 GMT 2007

Sam Couter wrote:
> Hugh Fisher <hugh.fisher at anu.edu.au> wrote:
>> So get off your bike :-) and start building your own, or pay
>> someone to build it for you. If David Tulloh is correct, the
>> chips are standard designs. Heck, CLUGers would most likely
>> buy them, or chip in for a small production run.
> One word: Maps.


> I want the GPS for motorcycle touring, mostly on poorly signposted
> gravel roads and fire trails. Without maps it's less useful than a
> paper map with no compass (I can at least tell direction from the sun).

Maps, or satellite imagery (which might be better than maps for dirt 
tracks anyway)?

My Nokia N800 can talk cell phoney stuff to the internets via a 
bluetooth connection to my cell phone. There is an app called 
MaemoMapper which will record tracks, and display the current location / 
track on the N800. It downloads the maps / satellite information from 
the internet using the cell phone.

It also supports pre-downloading the imagery if you are going to know 
that you'll be offline during the trip, and know where you will be.

It doesn't support directions in a particularly nice manner, but that 
might not be a big deal for the kind of touring you're doing.


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