[clug] Looking to buy a GPS

Hugh Fisher hugh.fisher at anu.edu.au
Tue Aug 28 00:20:33 GMT 2007

Sam Couter wrote:
> I spent a fair bit of time looking and gave up. Nobody supports Linux in
> any way. Some devices give NMEA updates, but they all store maps in
> proprietary formats and make it hard to save and load tracks and
> waypoints and such.
> Even if I did use Windows, I'd be stuck with the device manufacturer's
> arse-sucking software with no choice to use superior software.

So get off your bike :-) and start building your own, or pay
someone to build it for you. If David Tulloh is correct, the
chips are standard designs. Heck, CLUGers would most likely
buy them, or chip in for a small production run.

	Hugh Fisher

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